gr8 friends

[2014-06-29 오후 2:21:44] Kat: once i get a new pc imma b league famous and have all these pro players over my dick and theyll be like kat im sry plz forgive us remmeber how we used to be friends back in duh day smd

[오후 1:13:09] jin: penis hentai boob farts
[오후 1:13:53] jin: peepee farts smooth babies hentai

[오전 1:20:53] ( °ハ°): she is basically fucking everyone in the series except the chick because the chick is her reincarnated but she gets in there so she kinda did fuck her

you there... freeze! you are under arrest for being too cute. copy this message to 10 other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. keep the game going and make others feel beautiful. <3<3 :3

ahhhh thank you so much! i really appreciate it esp since today wasn’t the best of days bless u