gr8 friends

[2014-06-29 오후 2:21:44] Kat: once i get a new pc imma b league famous and have all these pro players over my dick and theyll be like kat im sry plz forgive us remmeber how we used to be friends back in duh day smd

[오후 1:13:09] jin: penis hentai boob farts
[오후 1:13:53] jin: peepee farts smooth babies hentai

[오전 1:20:53] ( °ハ°): she is basically fucking everyone in the series except the chick because the chick is her reincarnated but she gets in there so she kinda did fuck her


let me just say yes i’m still doing the number meme! i just passed out early yesterday aha. i see you on my dash a lot and bc of ur naki icon i’m like aYyyy. i tend to associate you with color anime posts since there’s not that many ppl i follow that reblog such content mainly and for that i thank u 1000x. i don’t think we’ve ever talked so let me clumsily remedy that whispers hi i hope u have a good day and find some $ on the ground for the rest of ur life.

666 3some

first of all i think u should delete all those selfies u saved of me on ur phone and other devices lmao. you know what i honestly can’t remember how we became friends? i guess it was meant to be, u creepy fuck lol. ok no but for real you’re one of the few ppl that actually talk to me and help me maintain my sanity so tyvm 4 that; i really appreciate it, tho u probs can’t tell thru my acidic diction. we’re hair dye buds. probs soon 2 be bald buddies RIP. also ur really disgusting but in a good way. every king needs subjects to rule over. ty 4 being my pleb xoxo.

7 birds

oh man where do i even start ouo i dont think we’ve ever properly talked but you seem really nice! ur presence on my dash is a necessity at this point tbh. idgaf about what anyone says; blog and blogger is quality af. i remember the nice comment you wrote when u reblogged one of my selfies. i cried a new ocean that day and named it after u bc nice words coming from someone as lovely as u is like. woah. ur prev haircut made me associate u with armin but now it’s giving me erwin vibes lmao. also in the same vein, for some reason you remind me of this one character from a webtoon esp when he dyed his hair blond. also i think we share similar agendas w/ food so i kind of really love u 4 that oops.